Early Signals for Marketing Surprises

Get real-time signals on funnel leaks highlighting performance issues or process ineffectiveness

Increase your efficiency, not budget.

Revlitix Alerts - Smart Signals

AI Signals that shows you why

Identify pipeline leaks and close the gap

Act fast and make every marketing dollar count

Data to Insights in minutes, not days

Stay connected with your customers

Eliminate manual monitoring hassles

Identify process leaks

Turn insights into actions

Revlitix Alerts - Custom Signals
Revlitix Alerts - Actions

Make Best Practices Actionable

Build workflows and automate fixes

Expert-vetted recommendations at your fingertips

Delegate work with confidence

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set-up these alerts?
Is there a limit on how many KPIs the model can monitor?
Can I get these alerts on email or slack?
Is my data secured?