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Trusted by high performing teams

Aware achieves Q4 SQL targets in just 23 days using Revlitix


Aware’s marketing team relied on manual reviews of paid advertising campaigns, spread across multiple advertising channels with reporting across martech tools. Optimization was difficult, time-consuming and often missed important performance issues impacting revenue.


With relevant, real-time signals across the entire funnel and multiple channels, we’re able to identify and optimize the marketing funnel faster than ever before.  And with less effort.  Today, Aware’s Marketing team is delivering high quality, predictable pipeline more efficiently.

We have already hit our SQL quota for Q4, and it’s just the first month of the quarter. And our SQL quality is also improving.  We recently created and closed multiple deals within weeks, a first in our company's history.  Revlitix enables us to make faster, more confident decisions

Kevin Bobowski
Chief Marketing Officer
Increase in Paid Search SQL’s without an increase in ad spend
decrease in Time to Revenue by fixing marketing funnel leaks
increase in funnel velocity with improved AI audits.

Azuga Achieves a 40% Decrease in Time to Revenue


Azuga's Marketing team spent hours every day on performance and process audits. Not only was juggling several MarTech tools tedious, but they also experienced significant delays between data insights and finding insights, causing a late reaction to the problem and impacting results in real time.


Azuga saves hours every day on audits using AI signals and gets insights fed to them in real time. They no longer have 10 tabs open and immediately know what the problem is. Today, Azuga’s team has a single pane of glass for Marketing Performance, turning insights into action and increasing the ROI of the entire MarTech stack.

Prior to Revlitix, I had 50 tabs open on my browser. Now, we do 10X more in a fraction of the time and have one single pane of glass for GTM performance

Jeremy C
Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Saved by Optimizing Campaigns and AdSpend
resource efficiency with reduced manual tasks
decrease in Time to Revenue by fixing revenue bottlenecks.

See results in hours, not weeks.

1. Integrate platforms, set goals and track progress

2. Identify funnel and process leaks and take action

Revlitix Analyze Signals

3. Eliminate ROI guesses and uncover buyer patterns

Revlitix Optimize Channels