HeRO Hour: Building a QBR (Marketing Edition)








Prior to Revlitix, I had 50 tabs open on my browser. Now, we do 10X more in a fraction of the time and have one single pane of glass for GTM performance

Jeremy C

Chief Executive Officer, Azuga
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Why to Attend

Bridging The Analytics Gap For Marketing and RevOps

Who Should Attend?

Marketing Leaders
Demand Gen Folks
RevOps Teams
MarkOps Teams

Meet Your Speaker

Madhu Puranik

Founder of Revlitix
Madhu, the founder of Revlitix and a former revenue marketing pioneer at Azuga, has a proven track record of transforming marketing strategies into significant revenue streams.
He significantly increased Azuga's market contribution from 2% to over 60%, boosting revenue from $15M to $65M and leading to a $400M acquisition.

What You Will Learn

How to diagnose pipeline bottlenecks early.
Forecasting revenue by teams, channels, products, industry, and more.
Automating manual audits to save time
Maximizing ROI from your current tech stack.