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Revlitix automates all aspects of GTM analytics allowing marketers to make data-driven decisions every day.

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The Problem

Getting Business Data Is Easy.
Getting Lost In It Is Even Easier.
Getting it together is nearly impossible.

42 hrs

lost monthly in manual data analysis.


GTM spend yields. Don't know which 50%


KPI problems that can be avoided.

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Prior to Revlitix, I had 50 tabs open on my browser. Now, we do 10X more in a fraction of the time and have one single pane of glass for GTM performance.

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Solve Revenue Surprises

Experience stress-free marketing with automated ad hoc analysis, build-your-own-rules functionality, and early warnings for KPI deviations, all delivered by our virtual analyst, for maximum efficiency and stress-free execution

Learn more about Alerts
Revlitix Alerts
Automate the countless hours of ad hoc analysis. No coding required
Build your own rules (BYOR) - Your virtual analyst will take care of the rest
Early warnings for massive impacts - Learn, Execute, Deliver.

Proactive KPI tracking made simple

Effortlessly track and monitor your campaign's key performance indicators (KPIs) to stay informed and make data-driven decisions.

Learn more about Rules
Flag potential errors
Boost your team's efficiency
Get notified on your terms

One Source of Truth

Effortlessly integrate with top MarTech platforms, access expert-vetted dashboards, and quickly set up over 100 pre-designed options with drag-and-drop functionality

Learn more about Insights
Revlitix Insights
Integration with key Martech platforms in minutes. No coding required.
Built and vetted by experts with > 15 years of experience.
100+ Pre-designed, Drag and drop dashboards with a 30 second set-up

Make Best Practices Actionable

Maximize marketing efficiency with collaborative playbooks and built-in Next Best Actions. Organize your processes in one place and delegate work with confidence.

Learn more about Playbook
Revlitix Playbooks
Collaborative playbooks packed with built-in Next Best Actions
Monitor and coach each team member for consistent performance
Make it easy to learn and collaborate

Ensure Complete Accountability

Elevate your marketing game by connecting data to task management, adding context to tasks, and prioritizing what matters most, all in one platform.

Learn more about Tasks
Revlitix Tasks
Start your day with clear objectives. Know exactly what needs to be done and prioritize.
The only platform that connects data to task management automatically.
Provide context without compromising on accountability and timely execution.

Connect your marketing and sales data in only 3 clicks.

-> Connect your data effortlessly – no APIs or coding required.
-> Your go-to, reliable data hub – the real deal in truth sourcing.
-> Get started in a snap, not a calendar block.

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Connect your data sources in less than 3 clicks. Not Kidding.
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