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6 Signs You Need to Implement an Early Warning System for Your Business

Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar
November 17, 2023
8 min read

Picture all the ways your business manages and processes data. 

Sales forecasts, ERP systems, CRM, accounting software, inventory management systems, project management tools, lead management systems, and more.

Now think of all the time and resources your team invests in tracking this data. Surely, a huge chunk of time is spent on this. 

Yet, we have marketing surprises that force us to adopt reactive strategies rather than pre-emptive.  

These are huge risk-multipliers that mess up with the strategy because the team’s ability to act in a thoughtful manner is compromised. 

That’s when you need an early warning system. 

Businesses need tools to anticipate future threats and opportunities with improved peripheral vision of the market and competition. 

An early warning system identifies plausible scenarios with effective information gathering and analysis to help you mitigate the impact of these disruptions and minimize strategic surprises

We have 6 red flags for you that indicate something’s not right and your business needs to deploy an early warning system.

Sign #1: You Are Overspending Ad Budget on Irrelevant Keywords

Sign #2: Fluctuating Website Traffic - Are You Really Reaching the Right Audience?

Sign #3:  Your Team is Struggling to Keep Up with KPI Changes

Sign #4: Missing Flow of Information Between the Sales and Marketing Teams

Sign #5: Tracking Page Indexing Issues and Sitemap Errors Has Become a Hassle

Sign #6: Excessive Time Is Being Spent on Crunching Data

Sign #1: You Are Overspending Ad Budget on Irrelevant Keywords 

Prioritizing the right keywords is crucial to driving intended traffic. 

Unfortunately, if you’re missing the mark and finding a huge gap between the expected and actual traffic, it’s a clear red flag pointing to ad budget wastage.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example.

Say - Google Ads shows that a portion of your budget is allocated to keywords that have little relevance to your eCommerce or SaaS services. This misalignment can lead to inefficient spending and yield minimal ROI. 

The Solution: Optimizing your overall keyword performance is key!

Revlitix can help you spot and address these issues proactively before they escalate.

Revlitix Marketing Campaign Dashboard

By carefully assessing the performance of each keyword and promptly adding non-performing ones to the negative keywords list, you can fine-tune your ad campaigns and ensure efficient budget utilization.

This can keep your ad spend focused on what truly matters, ensuring your marketing efforts stay on the right track. 

Sign #2: Fluctuating Website Traffic - Are You Really Reaching the Right Audience?

Time is a pivotal asset for businesses. And ensuring you reach the right audience at the right time is crucial. 

Website traffic is a key performance indicator, reflecting your website engagement with the audience. 

Inconsistent or declining traffic can lead to missed opportunities and impact your overall business success.

If you find your website traffic fluctuating and aren’t entirely sure it’s the right audience, that’s a clear sign that something needs attention.

Let’s understand this with an example.

Several factors could contribute to fluctuating website traffic, such as misaligned targeting, irrelevant content, or technical issues. 

Say - Google Analytics 4 shows you are targeting an audience from a country generating low user traffic to your website. 

The Solution: Revlitix specializes in identifying anomalies, letting user know where the major traffic is coming,countries where traffic is booming and which sources contribute to the traffic.

Overall Source Performance Report

With Revlitix, you can integrate your Google Analytics 4 account simply by following three steps: 

  • Connect your GA4 account.
  • Analyze user behavior and understand audience preferences.
  • Optimize your targeting efforts.

Overall Country Performance Report

Revlitix’s overall country performance reports can help you identify the right target audience. Besides, you can gain valuable insights to attract and retain the right audience, boosting your website traffic and ROI.

Sign #3:  Your Team Is Struggling to Keep Up with KPI Changes

KPIs act as vital benchmarks, providing valuable insights into your marketing efforts effectiveness. 

Failure to stay on top of KPI changes can lead to missed opportunities, lower ROI, and poor customer engagement.

If your team struggles to monitor KPI changes effectively, it’s a clear warning sign. Ignoring this can negatively impact your business success in the long term.

Let’s understand this with an example. 

Imagine the engagement rate of your ad creatives suddenly decreases on LinkedIn Ads. 

A sudden decline in engagement rate can indicate that your ads are not resonating with your target audience. 

This could also signify issues like ad fatigue, irrelevant content, or changes in user preferences. 

Addressing this warning sign can help prevent unnecessary ad spend and losing potential customers.

The Solution: Revlitix’s early warning system can empower your team with real-time monitoring and automatic alerts for KPI fluctuations. 

Revlitix Alerts for KPIs Fluctuations

With its proactive notifications, you can immediately respond to changes, make data-driven decisions, and consistently optimize your marketing strategies.

Besides, the Revlitix team has created rules for LinkedIn ad creatives that trigger immediate alerts when there’s a change in KPI values, such as engagement rate. This ensures that you can promptly optimize your content to maintain top-notch performance.

Sign #4: Missing Flow of Information Between the Sales and Marketing Teams 

Team Misalignment

Effective coordination between sales and marketing teams is crucial for seamless customer experiences and optimized lead generation. 

Lack of coordination can lead to misaligned messaging, missed opportunities, and negatively impact overall efficiency. 

Collaboration ensures both teams work towards common goals, driving business revenue. In fact, well-aligned marketing and sales teams drive 70% more revenue growth than companies without.

However, if you find a disconnect in the flow of information between sales and marketing teams, it’s a red flag that demands attention.

Let’s understand how -

Imagine your CRM’s lead status changes to MQL, and your marketing department is unaware of it. 

This could lead to missed opportunities and delay the sales team’s operations. 

The Solution: Revlitix is the ultimate bridge between your marketing and sales teams. It enables real-time alerts and information sharing, which can help both the teams work seamlessly.

Rule for KPI Lead Status Changes

Besides, Revlitix offers a rule created for changes in the KPI lead status

It can instantly trigger an alert, bridging the gap between teams. This can help streamline sales and align their efforts for high conversions and enhanced customer experiences.

Sign #5: Tracking Page Indexing Issues and Sitemap Errors Has Become a Hassle

Tracking page indexing issues and sitemap errors is pivotal for maintaining a well-functioning website. 

It ensures proper visibility on search engines, enhances user experience, and prevents potential crawl errors that could negatively impact your website performance. 

If your team struggles with tracking page indexing issues and sitemap errors, it is a warning sign that needs immediate attention. 

Let’s understand how -

Failing to track page indexing issues and sitemap errors can reduce search engine visibility. This can result in poor organic traffic. 

Besides, this can also lead to broken links and poor user experience, hindering your site’s overall performance. 

The Solution: Revltix’s conditional rule for sitemap errors can help! 

This advanced functionality in Revlitix provides instant updates on sitemap errors. This can help ensure you stay on top of potential page crawling issues.

Conditional Rule for Sitemap Errors

Setting up a simple conditional rule for tracking sitemap errors allows your team to receive timely notifications, enabling them to take prompt action. 

So, add the specific conditions that should trigger an error notification.

For instance, you may want to be notified if the sitemap returns an error for more than one URL over the last 30 days.

The result? No more waste of time in searching for errors and handling outdated information!

Sign #6: Excessive Time Is Being Spent on Crunching Data

Data crunching allows businesses to gain valuable insights from raw data, thus accelerating informed decision-making. 

It helps identify market trends, customer behavior, patterns, and correlations that can drive strategic marketing. 

Is your team drowning in a sea of data, spending endless hours crunching numbers? This alarming sign demands immediate attention! 

Let’s understand how. 

Spending several hours of data crunching indicates potential inefficiencies and a drain on valuable resources. This pinpoints the need for a more streamlined and efficient approach to data analysis to avoid wasting time and capitalize on opportunities. 

Moreover, without efficient data crunching, your team may miss out on valuable opportunities and competitive advantages.

Here, taking prompt action is the only key to avoid falling behind!

The Solution: Embrace Revlitix - your ultimate AI assistance and insights feature!

With Revlitix, you receive data-driven, actionable insights and recommendations to enhance your campaign performances. 

Its prescriptive and predictive analytics capabilities can help your team gain insights into past, current, and future marketing performances.

Revlitix SMART AI Alert

This can save your team’s valuable time from data crunching and redirect it towards making informed decisions and implementing future-proof strategies.

The outcome? No more tedious data analysis tasks – Revlitix does the heavy lifting for you!

Summing Up

Not all surprises are welcome. Especially those that disrupt business operations and outcomes. 

Yet, businesses often get blindsided, thereby affecting their performance and consuming too much time and attention. 

An early warning system can minimize such unwelcome surprises and their impact. 

Use the signs/ indicators shared above to better visualize relevant future developments and reconsider your strategies/tactics pre-emptively. A scenario-based early warning system like Revlitix can help you stay on top of these surprises. 

If you are in a competitive domain like SaaS or eCommerce, you can leverage early warning detection for anticipating and preventing possible marketing surprises by connecting evidence collected from data. 

Stay Informed with Real-Time Analytics!

Create a rule to track the sitemap errors on your website. Choose how and when to get notified about them. Attach playbooks to your rules to take quick action.

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