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Product Updates v 1.3.2 : Data Emails, Upgraded Rules Module and Custom Funnel Mapping

Atharva Joshi
Atharva Joshi
November 17, 2023
8 min read

Welcome to our electrifying blog, where we unveil the latest updates that will take your B2B SaaS experience to new heights! We're thrilled to introduce a range of enhancements designed to engage you, empower you, and revolutionize the way you harness data. 

Data Email: Your Gateway to Advanced Analytics

Imagine receiving a treasure trove of insights right in your inbox! We're excited to introduce Data Emails tailored exclusively for you. 

  • Say goodbye to mundane reports and embrace a world of actionable data. 
  • Every week, bi-weekly, and monthly, you'll receive comprehensive email reports covering Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.

Revlitix Alerts

Insights 2.0

Our latest update empowers you to customize your analytics experience like never before. 

We've added a plethora of new features across all channels, allowing you to take charge of your data. Here's a glimpse of what's in store:

Edit Widget - Hide/Unhide

  • Craft your charts to perfection by hiding or unhiding columns, giving you complete control over your data presentation. 
  • Shape your charts to match your unique requirements effortlessly.

Edit Widget

Edit Widget - Drag & Change

Take customization to the next level with the ability to rename reports and effortlessly rearrange columns by simply dragging and dropping. Your data, your way!

Drag widget columns

Edit Widget - Title renaming

Make your reports truly your own by changing report names to suit your preferences.

Put your brand's stamp on every analysis.

Rename Widgets

Convert Graphical Representations into Tasks

Seamlessly transform your charts into actionable tasks.

By doing so, you'll ensure every important insight is acted upon promptly, resulting in enhanced productivity.

Add task from reports

Duplicate Feature

  • Empower your analytical journey with the ability to duplicate charts and adapt views to meet specific requirements. 
  • Analyze data from different angles and uncover hidden opportunities with ease.

Duplicate reports

Download, Delete, and More

  • Download reports in CSV format, delete redundant reports and perform a myriad of actions effortlessly. 
  • With just a click of an icon, you'll have the power to access, modify, and manage your data efficiently.

More functions for reports

Request Reports with Ease

  • No more waiting! With our new "Request Report" feature, you can choose your preferred chart type and channel. 
  • Simply specify your requirements in the Object field, and you'll have a customized report at your fingertips.

Request reports

Nugget Expansion: Delve Deeper into Insights

We believe that every nugget of information is worth exploring. 

You can expand on any nugget that catches your eye. Uncover hidden gems within your data and unlock the full potential of your analytics.

Enhanced nugget expansion


Take your conditional rule creation and alerts to the next level with our Advanced Attributes in Rule and Alerts 2.0. 

Set up to 10 KPIs

Customize your conditional alerts by setting up to 10 Key Performance Indicators. Stay on top of crucial metrics that drive your success.

Set up upto 10 KPI's

Visualize Tabular Data

Say goodbye to traditional line charts. Our new feature presents triggered data in an intuitive tabular format, enabling you to absorb insights at a glance.

Visualize data

Integrations: Funnel Grouping Reimagined

We've taken our integration capabilities up a notch! Previously limited to one channel, we're now offering funnel mapping for all channels. 

Seamlessly integrate your Google Analytics and Google Search Console by mapping funnels effortlessly. The possibilities are endless!

Funnel mapping revlitix

With these electrifying product updates, we're redefining the B2B SaaS experience. Get ready to unlock the power of data like never before.

Stay tuned for next month's exciting updates, where we'll introduce game-changing features that will further revolutionize the way you analyze and leverage data. 

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