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Navigating the Road to VP of RevOps

Atharva Joshi
Atharva Joshi
November 17, 2023
8 min read

The role of a Vice President of Revenue Operations is at the epicenter of aligning and optimizing various revenue-generating functions within an organization. From overseeing data analytics to sales forecasting and cross-functional collaboration, a VP of RevOps wears many hats to ensure that an organization thrives. 

In this blog, we will explore the daily routine, the focus areas and challenges they encounter, effective collaboration with fellow C-Suite executives, what to look for when building a RevOps team, and the future of Revenue Operations.

A Day in the Life of a VP of RevOps

A day in the life of a Vice President of Revenue Operations involves various tasks related to revenue generation and team management. 

This pivotal role oversees the alignment and optimization of various revenue-generating functions within an organization. 

Bernardo Alves, in his podcast with LeanScale, emphasized that a VP of RevOps should prioritize the bigger picture, as this can better position them to support the entire team.

Team Meetings: 

  • Commence the day with meetings involving the team and other department heads.
  • Foster alignment between sales, marketing, and customer success functions in the organization.

Sales Forecasting:

  • Collaborate with the sales team to fine-tune sales forecasts and revenue plans.
  • Utilize technology and tools to enhance operational efficiency and data management 

Revenue Planning:

  • Dedicate time to streamline and improve revenue-generating processes.
  • Work on allocating resources effectively.

Cross-Functional Collaboration:

  • Engage in cross-functional collaboration with marketing, sales, and finance teams.
  • Facilitate seamless communication.

Strategic Planning and Growth:

  • Focus on long-term strategies for improved revenue generation and business growth.
  • Create plans to adapt to changing market conditions, aligning with the Rev ops job description.

Crisis Management:

  • Address any urgent issues or challenges that may emerge during the day.
  • Demonstrate teamwork and resilience, key attributes within the team.

End-of-Day Review and Networking Opportunities:

  • Review the day's accomplishments, setting priorities for the next day.
  • Explore networking opportunities, including industry events and webinars

He/She plays a pivotal role in ensuring the organization's seamless revenue generation processes. 

This role demands expertise in data analytics, strategic thinking, and effective leadership to drive revenue growth and operational excellence.

Top focus areas and current challenges of a VP of RevOps

The role is pivotal in aligning and optimizing various revenue-generating functions within an organization. Let's explore the key focus areas and current challenges.

Webfx has highlighted some common RvOps problems, including issues such as using too many different tools, a slow sales cycle, lack of support from executives, a shortage of expertise, and challenges in analyzing revenue performance.


  • Different Tools: Dealing with many different tools that various teams use can make it hard to work together.
  • Crisis Management: If we don't fix this, we might lose potential customers, and the revenue growth will be slow.
  • Executive Support: Making the company leaders understand why it is essential and convincing them to invest in it can be tough.
  • Lack of Skills: Not knowing enough can make it hard to make our strategies work.
  • Measuring Performance: It's tough to figure out how well the efforts are doing regarding revenue, which can make us uncertain and inefficient.

Focus Areas:

  • Simplify our Technology Tools: Make sure all our teams use the same tools and systems to avoid confusion from using too many different ones.
  • Speed Up Sales Process: Make the process from marketing to sales quicker so we don't lose potential customers because it takes too long.
  • Executive Alignment: Explain to the company leaders why RevOps is important and get them to support it with funding and resources.
  • Bridge the Skills Gap: Invest in training and learning to fill the gap in expertise.
  • Determine Performance Metrics: Pay more attention to analyzing performances on how they affect revenue and adjust our strategies accordingly.

How to collaborate effectively with fellow VPs and C-Suite executives

Collaborating effectively with fellow C-Suite executives can be vital for the success of any organization. 

According to Fellow, there's often a challenge in driving alignment throughout an organization. Sometimes, leaders may not naturally promote alignment, which may necessitate seeking authority to facilitate collaboration effectively.

Keeping this in mind, here are a few tips on how to effectively collaborate with fellow executives.

Shared Vision

  • Ensuring that all team members and executives share a common vision and goals is crucial for RevOps success.
  • Clearly defining roles and responsibilities, including roles like Manager, can minimize confusion and overlaps in job descriptions.

Effective Communication 

  • Establishing effective communication practices in your team is vital to ensure a shared understanding of job descriptions and goals.
  • Scheduling regular meetings and check-ins enables discussions around team strategies, salary considerations, and tech stack utilization.

Conflict Resolution

  • When conflicts arise within the team or across the organization, addressing them promptly and professionally is essential for maintaining a cohesive org chart.

Data-Driven Decisions 

  • Making data-driven decisions is a core aspect of Revops roles, supporting informed discussions about tech stack and job descriptions.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

  • Encouraging a culture of collaborative problem-solving within your team ensures efficient role fulfillment.

Supporting Continuous Learning 

  • Demonstrating support for RevOps initiatives, such as those related to career paths, can foster unity within the team.
  • Staying updated on industry trends and best practices is vital for the team as a whole.

Leading by Example

  • Leading by example and exemplifying professionalism and dedication are key aspects of any career path.
  • Recognizing and celebrating the achievements of the team and the Manager as a unit can boost team morale and overall success.

Seeking Feedback for Continuous Improvement

Encouraging feedback within the team is essential for personal and collective growth overall.

By implementing these strategies and promoting effective collaboration within your team, you can contribute to a cohesive and successful plan and maximize revenue.

What a VP of RevOps should look for when building a team

One must be discerning when constructing a dynamic RevOps team that complements your objectives and company culture. 

Your team can significantly influence elements like salary, career path, and the overall roles and responsibilities within your organization. 

Briana Yarborough, VP Revenue Operations at Pontoon Solutions, emphasized the importance of starting early and setting priorities when building a RevOps team. Waiting until later stages, like Series B or Series C, can lead to complications due to inconsistent historical data.

Cross-Functional Expertise

  • Need to identify professionals proficient in sales, marketing, and customer success. A team that can bridge these domains is essential for effective management.

Strategic Thinkers with Analytical Skills

  • RevOps strategy underpins revenue growth. Your team should consist of strategic thinkers capable of designing plans that elevate revenue generation and operational efficiency.
  • Look for team members adept at data analysis, which is integral to understanding the tech stack and using CRM systems and marketing automation platforms.

Collaborative and Team-Oriented

  • Building collaborative relationships across different departments is essential for RevOps success.
  • A versatile approach is vital in an ever-changing field. Ensure your team is adaptable and embracing new technologies and strategies.
  • Clear communication is paramount in aligning diverse teams. Your team members should be exceptional communicators, adept at conveying intricate strategies to stakeholders.

Project Management Skills

  • Successfully planning, executing, and managing cross-functional projects is crucial. Seek individuals with a track record of managing projects.

Customer-Centric Mindset

  • Revenue generation hinges on excellent customer service. Your team should prioritize the customer journey and experience to optimize customer lifetime value.


  • Revenue optimization is all about results. Look for team members who are committed to achieving revenue targets and boosting conversion rates.

Building a successful RevOps team is a blend of technical competence, strategic thinking, and interpersonal skills, allowing you to foster a team that promotes revenue.

Future of Revenue Operations: RevOps Roles, Salary, and Career Path

The future of Revenue Operations, overseen by roles like the Vice President Managers, is evolving rapidly. 

This transformation is marked by numerous key trends and developments, shaping the career path and salary landscape while incorporating the team and tech stack into the organizational structure.

4 Day week has quoted, “The RevOps Specialist role is evolving with the integration of technology, data analytics, and globalized economies. Tomorrow's RevOps Specialists will not just be operational experts but also strategic visionaries, tech-savvy leaders, and proactive change agents.”

Data-Driven Decision-Making 

  • One of the central aspects of the future will be its reliance on data. Companies increasingly invest in data analytics and business intelligence tools, transforming the RevOps roles to incorporate data-driven insights. 

Technology Integration

  • RevOps is leaning toward the seamless integration of technologies used in sales, marketing, and customer success. This brings into play not only the tech stack but also how the team members collaborate efficiently. 

Content and Personalization

  • Personalization is set to become a keystone in successful RevOps. This will lead to a shift in the responsibilities of the team members. They will be more involved in creating personalized content and utilizing AI for tailored customer interactions.

Process Optimization.

  • In the future, RevOps team members will be involved in refining and optimizing processes. This extends to the team as a whole. The aim is to make the customer journey as smooth as possible.

Metrics and KPIs

  • RevOps teams will need to adapt to new metrics and KPIs in the future. These metrics will shift from traditional ones to newer indicators like Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

Skill Sets and Talent Development

  • The RevOps career path demands a mix of skills. Those aspiring to enter Revenue Operations will require a blend of expertise in data analysis, marketing, sales, and customer success. Continuous skill development is a must for RevOps team members.

AI and Automation

  • AI and automation tools are becoming integral to RevOps. The Managers and their teams increasingly leverage AI for lead scoring, chatbots for customer support, and predictive analytics for sales forecasting.

Acquiring this skill set, an average salary for a VP of RevOps ranges from $268,217 to $418,566 per annum. 

Source: Glassdoor

The Future of Revenue Operations is a complex and evolving landscape, demanding skills and adaptability.

Key Takeaways

The role of a Vice President of RevOps has become pivotal in aligning and optimizing the revenue-generating functions within organizations. 

As we've delved into the day-to-day responsibilities, focus areas, and challenges faced by a VP, it's evident that this role requires a dynamic set of skills, from data analytics to strategic thinking, and a knack for fostering cross-departmental collaboration.

Furthermore, successful collaboration among VPs and C-Suite executives is vital for organizational success. 

As we move forward, the VP  will remain a linchpin in driving revenue growth and operational efficiency. Their ability to adapt to change, leverage data, and foster collaboration will be instrumental in shaping the future of Revenue Operations.

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