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Prescriptive Analytics: The Force Behind Covering That Last Mile of Insights-To-Action

Rohit Kumar P
Rohit Kumar P
November 17, 2023
8 min read

Navigating the vast sea of data comes with a massive challenge. 

“How to extract actionable insights and strategies from this data?” 

Source: Complexities of Manual Decision-Making

The unorganized chunk of data makes it challenging to -

  • Find target audience points.
  • Figure out impactful marketing channels.
  • Identify the most engaged users.
  • Build customer acquisition and retention tactics.

The more data stakeholders analyze manually, the greater the complexity of the decision-making process. 

That’s where prescriptive analytics comes into play. 

Prescriptive analytics offers actionable insights and recommendations to achieve the best business outcomes. No wonder, experts tout prescriptive analytics as “the future of data analytics.” 

In this post, we will discuss prescriptive analytics and ways to leverage it to achieve high ROI and revenue. 

Transform your data overload into a strategic advantage.

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How Prescriptive Analytics Solutions Work

Before we dive deep into prescriptive analytics, here’s a quick overview of the marketing analytics types taken from one of our previous posts.

Types of marketing analytics

Thus, SaaS predictive analytics answers - “What is most likely to happen in the future?” (with great accuracy). On the other hand, prescriptive analytics focuses on ‘how?’

Prescriptive analytics is the most advanced among the analytics methods shared above.

Prescriptive Analytics Explained

Before we get to the definition, let’s look at a few SaaS marketing scenarios and how prescriptive analytics can help.

Scenario #1: You notice a sudden drop in website engagement and traffic, but you’re unsure why it happened.

Overall Source Performance Report

The Solution: A state-of-the-art prescriptive analytics tool like Revlitix can analyze user behavior and recommend the best content optimization tactics to achieve high organic traffic and engagement.

Scenario #2: Your email marketing campaign could not achieve the desired click-through rates.

The Solution: Here, Revlitix can offer recommendations for subject lines, content type, and time to shoot emails to improve marketing campaign performance.

Revlitix recommendations


Scenario #3: It’s challenging to allocate a suitable marketing budget across various channels and campaigns.

The Solution: Revlitix can recommend budgets based on historical campaign performance and potential ROI, maximizing your marketing effectiveness.

Revlitix Marketing Campaign Dashboard - One Source of Truth

Prescriptive analytics guides marketers and decision-makers at every step to make data-informed decisions.

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Prescriptive analytics leverages data, such as past and current marketing performance, customer needs, trends, events, and more, to generate recommendations for the next best steps (NBAs). 

This granular approach makes it a valuable asset for data-driven decision-making.

SaaS prescriptive analytics employs advanced machine-learning algorithms to process and analyze vast data more effectively and efficiently than human capabilities. 

These algorithms leverage conditional statements (such as “if” and “else”) and provide actionable recommendations based on predefined criteria. 

Here’s a real-time example of prescriptive analytics in B2B marketing.

It can help marketers optimize lead-generation tactics. 

Say - your SaaS firm defines conditional statements as “if” a prospect interacts with the latest webinar and “else” they share a blog post or download a whitepaper.

The algorithm may recommend personalized follow-up actions, such as tailored email campaigns or free consultations (based on the user’s actions).

These recommendations can help convert the leads into customers. 

The outcome? Enhanced efficiency and successful B2B marketing efforts.

Deploying prescriptive analytics is easy and can be achieved by developing custom algorithms or deploying third-party analytics tools with built-in ML and AI-based algorithms like Revlitix.

Key Features of Prescriptive Analytics Software 

Here are the top features that our state-of-the-art software offers.

#1: Leverages Advanced Algorithms and Machine Learning (ML)

The software leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning (ML) to analyze and predict user behavior and recommend strategies for the best business outcomes. The key goal is to help marketers and decision-makers make profitable decisions that bring revenue growth.

Revlitix is powered by predictive and prescriptive analytics. 

Implementing this tool can help you -

  • Identify customer segments that are likely to churn + personalized recommendations for retention. 

For instance, Revlitix can foresee high-value customers at risk of churning. Moreover, it can recommend strategies like offering incentives or loyalty points for retention.

  • Forecast fluctuations in audience engagement + recommendations to boost engagement. 

For instance, Revlitix can alert you about the target audience’s behavior. Besides, it can recommend specific keywords for targeting to ensure your ad campaign’s effectiveness.

  • Predict new customers who might struggle with onboarding + recommend strategies for a seamless experience.

Revlitix’s playbooks can guide you on how to avoid onboarding complexities. It can offer personalized recommendations on onboarding sequences according to the user’s needs. This can help reduce the cost of customer acquisition.

This can help you prioritize product development efforts and proactively target revenue growth opportunities.

#2: Crunches Large Datasets to Identify Patterns

A B2B SaaS company must collect, compile, and analyze market and customer data, including trends, service or product usage patterns, and more. 

However, manually conducting this process can be draining,

With Revlitix, this is a breeze.

Its automation capabilities collect, compile, and sift through the data to identify ever-evolving market and customer trends

Moreover, it allows you to track KPIs and understand customer engagement levels, churn rates, etc. 

Source Image Alt Text: Revlitix Alerts for KPIs 

The best part? Revlitix provides actionable recommendations to improve customer retention strategies. For instance, it can recommend sharing product feature updates with existing customers or implementing their feedback for the next product campaign. 

#3: Helps Build Informed Business Strategies

Forecasting market demand for specific SaaS features and services can help you align your marketing efforts and achieve high ROI.

Revlitix enables you to respond to market trends and identify valuable business opportunities.

It analyzes past and current market and customer data and predicts upcoming market trends. 

For instance, it might forecast demand for specific SaaS features that customers want or their ever-evolving preferences.

On the other hand, it can recommend you launch a new SaaS feature according to the target audience’s demands. 

What’s more? The platform can even identify specific regions where the customer demand is high. 

For instance, it can predict regions like California and Africa will experience high demand for the SaaS feature. 

For this, the tool can recommend targeting these regions and even identify top marketing channels (like LinkedIn, Instagram, Website, etc.) to achieve the best outcomes.

Revlitix SMART AI Alert with Analytics Capabilities

Such data-backed decisions minimize risks and maximize valuable business opportunities.

Turn insights into action and make informed decisions.

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Leveraging Prescriptive Analytics with Revlitix 

Revlitix is an AI and ML-powered revenue marketing platform that automates workflows and offers actionable insights to help businesses achieve revenue growth.

What’s more? Inbuilt with the advanced technological framework, Revlitix takes prescriptive analytics to the next level with its innovative feature - Playbooks

Revlitix’s Playbooks

These playbooks offer dynamic, data-backed strategies that empower businesses to make informed decisions and drive desired outcomes. 

Here’s how they can transform decision-making.

  • Streamlined Operations: The playbooks allow you to compile an array of information in a centralized location. It includes information like onboarding procedures, work-related guidelines, training modules, and standard operating procedures (SOPs). No more scattered information! 
  • Automated Decision Support with NBAs: Revlitix’s playbooks bring expert-vetted (over 15+ years) recommendations to your fingertips. They translate knowledge into actionable steps. 

Revlitix’s Playbooks’ In-Built NBAs

The next-best actions or NBAs guide you on what steps to take next. This can help you navigate adverse scenarios, making unwelcome surprises a thing of the past. 

So, deploy this tool to ensure each decision is data-driven and aligned with your business goals.

  • Personalized Recommendations: Revlitix’s playbooks can cater to your unique business needs. Whether you’re focused on reducing churn, increasing revenue, or optimizing operations, it provides personalized recommendations on everything.
  • Automated KPI Tracking: The playbooks’ functionality can help you measure the impact of your decisions. 

It enables you to track crucial key performance indicators (KPIs) and evaluate the effectiveness of your SaaS marketing strategies.

  • No-Code, Intuitive, and User-Friendly Interface: You don’t have to be tech-savvy to leverage the power of Revlitix’s playbooks. It offers a no-code, intuitive, and user-friendly interface that any teammate across various departments, from marketing to sales, can operate hassle-free.

Revlitix’s playbooks are thus a one-stop destination for businesses striving toward streamlining workflows and decision-making.

Other Ways Prescriptive Analytics Can Help

Here are a few crucial examples depicting how prescriptive analytics applications help optimize various aspects of business.

Example #1: Website Management

Your SaaS website is a key point of interaction between your brand and potential customers. However, anomalies like sudden spikes or drops in traffic, poor user engagement on top-performing posts, and more can indicate underlying problems in your website.

This can negatively impact user experience and lead to poor performance.

Here, Revlitix’s Alerts promptly identify and respond to anomalies. Besides, the platform allows you to find the cause and recommends real-time solutions to address anomalies.

This data-driven, quick decision-making can help maintain your brand credibility.

Example #2: Lead Scoring

With prescriptive analytics, businesses can enhance lead scoring or ranking processes, thus improving sales. 

Lead scoring is defining points to distinct actions of prospects as they move through the sales funnel. This helps sales reps effectively rank leads based on their likelihood of becoming paying customers.

Here are a few crucial actions for which prescriptive analytics ranks or scores the leads.

  • Page views
  • Email interactions
  • Website searches
  • E-book downloads, etc

The analytics tools assign the highest points to actions that strongly reflect potential purchase intent. For instance, a prospect requesting a free demo or visiting product pages receives the highest scores. 

On the other hand, actions that suggest a lack of purchase intent, such as viewing career postings on your website, are assigned fewer points. 

This way, a prescriptive analytics scoring system helps prioritize your outreach efforts toward leads most likely to convert into customers.

The outcome? Time, resources, and cost savings.

Example #3: Email Automation

Prescriptive analytics can be leveraged to categorize leads according to their interests, thus tailoring email content for the best outcomes. 

This automated approach to lead management involves tracking how leads interact with emails and trigger various messages to each category. It allows marketers to deliver personalized messages to large audiences. Sharing content that resonates with their interests enhances the chances of converting high-quality leads into customers. 

Example #4: Content Library Creation

Prescriptive analysis can help marketers identify the content that resonates with the target audience. It examines website content and fetches top-ranking content based on audience engagement and response.

These valuable insights enable you to understand the content types that capture your audience’s interest. Whether your audience would like videos highlighting services or blog posts explaining product usage, it analyzes and strengthens your content strategy. 

Prescriptive analytics can thus improve your brand’s visibility and foster significant engagement.

Maximize your marketing effectiveness with data-backed decisions.

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Summing Up

Revlitix’s Playbooks = Turning Insights into Actions 

Revlitix’s playbooks powered by prescriptive analytics is a valuable tool for transforming vast datasets into actionable insights. 

Leveraging them can ensure streamlined workflows, high productivity, efficiency, and long-term revenue growth.

Whether your goal comprises improved customer experience, streamlining operations, or revenue growth, Revlitix’s playbooks can help you throughout your journey.

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FAQs on Prescriptive Analytics 

Here are the most frequently asked questions about prescriptive analytics.

1. What is the main focus of prescriptive analytics in marketing?

Prescriptive analytics uses advanced processes and AI and ML-based tools to analyze data and recommend the next-best actions (NBAs). Its key focus is to offer actionable steps that decision-makers can take to achieve the goals. 

2. What makes prescriptive analytics more challenging?

Prescriptive analytics might present complexities, such as challenges related to poor data quality and the need for efficient process adjustments.

In such instances, deploying Revlitix can help. Its data compiling and cleansing capabilities can enhance data quality, making the insights and NBAs accurate and reliable. Moreover, Revlitix’s team can guide you on seamlessly integrating the tool into your existing tech stack.

3. What company uses prescriptive analytics?

Almost all the industry leaders leverage prescriptive analytics combined with predictive analytics. 

Here are a few leading players.

  • Microsoft Corporation
  • SAP SE
  • International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation
  • Oracle Corporation
  • TIBCO Software Inc

4. How can prescriptive analytics benefit your business?

Prescriptive analytics-powered tools like Revlitix can help optimize decision-making and enhance your marketing team’s operational efficiency. 

Besides, it helps minimize costs and provide excellent customer experience through data-informed strategies. This can foster revenue growth in the long term.

5. Do you need any expertise to use prescriptive analytics tools?

Most prescriptive analytics tools in the market are complex. Hence, you would need technical expertise to operate them. 

However, with a zero-code platform like Revlitix, you get a user-friendly interface and seamless integration capabilities. 

So, any team member (with or without extensive technical knowledge) can use it hassle-free.

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