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Revlitix Product Update : Access Control, Custom Widgets, SOC 2 Compliance and more.

Atharva Joshi
Atharva Joshi
January 11, 2024
8 min read

Greetings to our valued Revlitix community! We're thrilled to bring you an array of exciting updates that have been in the works for the past few months. 

Our team has focused passionately on enhancing Revlitix to ensure an unparalleled user experience with new features and improvements. 

Let's explore these enhancements that are set to redefine how you interact with Revlitix.

Access Control

Admin : Complete Command and Control

The Admin profile is designed for those at the helm. With this role, you have unrestricted access to every module within the Revlitix platform. 

This includes critical areas like billing, user management, and system settings, ensuring you have the tools to effectively steer your organization's course.


Managers play a vital role in any organization, and this profile reflects that. 

As a Manager, you will have access to nearly every aspect of the platform except for the billing module. 

Managers can oversee day-to-day operations while leaving financial aspects to the designated personnel

Custom : Tailored Access for Unique Needs

Every team is unique, and the Custom Role caters to this diversity. This profile allows you to create specialized access permissions for team members, encompassing

Read, Edit, and Delete options. 

Access Control

Whether it's limiting access to sensitive information or providing full access to specific modules, the Custom Role adapts to your organizational structure seamlessly.

Enhancements: Effortless and Secure Access

Google Single Sign-On (SSO)

The integration of Google SSO simplifies the login process significantly. 

Users can now access Revlitix with a single click using their Google credentials, eliminating the need for separate usernames and passwords. 

Google SSO

This enhances user convenience and security by leveraging Google's robust authentication mechanisms.

Multi-Tenant Feature

For users managing multiple organizational accounts, the Multi-Tenant feature is a game-changer.

Multi-Tenant Log In

We allow seamless switching between different organizational profiles within Revlitix, each with its own permissions and settings. 

This feature particularly benefits consultants and those overseeing multiple projects or departments.

Home Page and Use Case Library: Information at Your Fingertips

In-Depth Account Summary

The new Home Page provides an in-depth summary of your account's performance across various channels. 

Channel-wise Summary

It offers insights into successful metrics and highlights areas for improvement, complete with a comparative report for KPI analysis over the past three months.

Use Case Library: A Treasure Trove of Solutions

Our newly introduced Use Case Library is valuable for quickly identifying solutions to common problems. 

Use Cases

This feature guides you through various scenarios, offering actionable steps to address challenges effectively and efficiently.

Introducing Reports 2.0

Redesigned Graphs and Navigation

We've overhauled our graphs to improve data visibility, making interpreting and acting on the information easier. 

KPI Forecast Line Graph

The relocation of legends and the introduction of intuitive navigation tools ensure you can find and understand the insights that matter most to your business.

Custom Widgets in Reports

Create and Customize with Ease

Our Custom Reports feature allows you to add bespoke widgets, offering unprecedented flexibility in viewing and analyzing data.

Custom Widget Preview

Choose from various widget types, including Line Chart, Bar Chart, Donut, and our new additions - the Funnel Overview and Breakdown charts.

You can build these widgets from provided templates or create them from scratch, ensuring each report perfectly aligns with your specific needs.

Save and Reuse Custom Widgets

Once you've created a custom widget, you can save it as a template for future use. This saves time and ensures consistency in reporting across your organization. 

Save as template

Additionally, the ability to add filters to these widgets allows for granular data customization, providing deep and relevant insights.

New Widgets Introduced

Funnel Overview Chart 

Our Funnel Overview Chart provides a comprehensive view of your marketing funnel's performance over time. 

This dynamic visualization tool allows you to easily track and compare key metrics at each funnel stage, offering insights into trends and patterns that can inform

strategic decisions.
This chart helps you:

  • Track Progress: Monitor how your funnel evolves over different time periods.
  • Compare Performance: See how different stages of the funnel perform against each other.
  • Identify Trends: Spot emerging trends in your marketing strategy’s effectiveness.

Funnel Overview Chart

Funnel Breakdown Chart

For those who crave deeper insights, this chart offers detailed breakdowns of your funnel's performance based on various dimensions such as source, time, and


This chart helps you with:
Segment Analysis: Understand how different sources contribute to your funnel's success.

Temporal Insights: Analyze how funnel performance varies over different times.

Categorical Breakdown: Dive deep into category-specific performance within your funnel.

Funnel Breakdown Chart

New Additions To The Product

Custom Metrics

Combine different KPIs to create unique metrics. This feature lets you track bespoke metrics and add them to your reports, offering a more nuanced view of your data.

Custom Metrics

Custom Dimensions

Add conditions to these metrics based on various KPIs. This advanced feature allows you to set multiple conditions for each value, providing a detailed and tailored

approach to data analysis.

Custom Dimension

Revlitix Achieves SOC 2 Compliance

We are thrilled to announce that Revlitix has successfully achieved SOC 2 compliance, marking a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to data security and customer trust. 

This compliance is part of our continuous effort to build and maintain a trusted and secure service for all our users.

SOC 2 Compliance

Slack Integration for Alert

Receive instant updates and alerts directly in your Slack workspace.

Alert received on Slack

Upcoming Integrations

YouTube Social Integration

We're excited to announce the integration of YouTube Social into Revlitix. This feature allows you to extract and analyze data from YouTube, enriching your social media analytics and offering a more comprehensive view of your digital presence.

Salesforce Pardot Integration

The combination of Revlitix's data-driven insights and Pardot's automation prowess is set to transform the way you engage with your audience and drive your marketing strategy forward.

Linkedin Social Integration

Users can now enjoy advanced targeting, improved lead generation, and enhanced performance tracking of their LinkedIn campaigns.

Bing Ads Integration

With this integration, users can easily manage their Bing Ads campaigns, analyze performance metrics, and optimize their ad spending for better ROI.

These updates to Revlitix represent our ongoing commitment to providing a powerful, user-friendly platform that meets the evolving needs of our users. 

We are excited to see how these new features enhance your experience and contribute to your success.

 As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to continuing our journey together in digital innovation.

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