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The Most Understated Hack to Cut Costs and Boost Efficiency: Powering GTM Tech Stack with Rules Engine 

Rohit Kumar P
Rohit Kumar P
November 17, 2023
8 min read

Does any of this ring a bell? 

Scenario 1: Your team invests hours aggregating essential data from multiple systems. While your tools perform admirably in isolation, they remain isolated, not communicating with each other, trapped in their silos. 

Scenario 2: You aren’t confident of your data (accuracy and security). The existing integrations feel faulty. So, you cannot trust the data. 

Scenario 3: Tech bloating is burning a hole in your budget. You have way too many tools with duplicate functionality. 

Remember, your tech stack is a corporate asset with a massive impact on your business’s efficiency.

What’s the impact of an inefficient tech stack? 

  • Missed opportunities
  • Efficiency takes a hit
  • Performance falters
  • Poor user experience

In short: Frustrated customers → Churn → Loss of revenue 

An inefficient tech stack also means more resources to scale your tech and increased operating costs. It hinders growth and competitiveness. 

You may have read thousands of articles on streamlining tech stack for boosting efficiency. But we would like to throw light on the most understated hack of the lot. 

Leveraging rules engine! 

Rules Engine for GTM Efficiency

GTM teams ensure bringing products to market. 

The team looks after the best marketing channels, strategies, and pricing models to achieve success. 

The rules engine is a tool or software that helps automate decision-making during the process based on predefined rules and conditions. 

It enables GTM teams to streamline routine, repetitive, time-consuming, and manual tasks. 

For instance, it helps automate processes like lead assignment, scoring, analyzing complex data, maintaining brand consistency, and more, allowing the team to focus on more strategic activities.

This can lead to substantial cost reductions while enhancing overall productivity and effectiveness in the GTM strategy.

Let’s see how a rules engine can automate processes and help GTM teams maintain brand consistency.

Here’s the workflow that the GTM team follows.

  • Content Library Asset Creation: The marketing team works on various marketing materials, including email campaigns, brochures, social media posts, etc.
  • Brand Guidelines Reference: The team adheres to the predefined brand guidelines that include colors, logo design, content style, font, tone, etc. This is pivotal to maintaining brand consistency across channels. 
  • Review and Approval Process: Once the content library is ready, marketing managers and seniors review it to ensure everything aligns with the brand guidelines. This review and approval process is time-consuming and challenging.

Potential Outcomes: Manual work can lead to design and content errors and inconsistencies, negatively impacting the branding. More than that, this consumes valuable time and resources, slowing down the workflow. 

Here’s how a rules engine can prove transformative for the GTM team.

Manual vs. Automated GTM Processes

What’s more? Compliance with regulations and company policies is pivotal for GTM operations. 

A rules engine can enforce compliance by ensuring GTM processes adhere to predefined rules.

Don’t let inefficiency hold you back.

Supercharge your GTM with Revlitix’s Rules Engine. 

Check out our Rules feature and start a free trial now!

Benefits of Rules Engine for the GTM Tech Stack

Here are the key benefits of the rules engine for the GTM tech stack.

1. Workflow Automation 

GTM tech stack automation serves as the driving force behind the team’s efficiency. 

Here’s how -

Automation within a rules engine streamlines the daily repetitive, manual processes and enables the GTM team to work efficiently and effectively.

For instance, it incorporates predefined criteria by which tasks like lead assignment become a breeze. Besides, it can help your GTM team execute complex workflows during campaign launches. 

This speeds up the processes and reduces human errors, thus empowering your GTM team to focus on the most crucial activities.  

2. Data-Driven Decision-Making 

According to Forrester, informed decision-making is the key to improving business effectiveness. For that, optimizing the tech stack plays a pivotal role. 

Rules engines can help gain insights into your data, identify customer trends, predict business outcomes, and recommend the next-best actions (NBAs).  

For instance, it can help your team consistently track crucial KPIs in real-time, enabling prompt adjustments to GTM strategies. 

Here’s how -

Set the KPIs that matter the most to your GTM team. The rules engine will automate the significant metrics monitoring process and provide instant alerts for anomalies. There’s no need to fret about the unwelcome marketing surprises!

In short, the rules engine is more than just automation. 

It’s an insight-driven virtual analyst who helps make informed decisions, strengthening your GTM strategy.

3. Simplified Data Integration 

Rules engine can help your GTM team compile and comprehend data from multiple sources.

That’s not all. With predefined custom rules, gaining insights from diverse datasets becomes seamless. 

Whether you’re compiling data from CRM systems, web forms, or any other system, a rules engine can adapt to various formats, extract insights, and create accurate reports. 

This ensures your team gets access to relevant data, supporting better decision-making and reporting.

4. Streamlined Communication and Data Security

Communication and data security are vital pillars of a solid GTM strategy. And a rules engine integration in your tech stack can fortify the foundation. 

Here’s how -

It offers a centralized data location, thus establishing a single source of truth where everyone in the GTM team can access precise, accurate data. 

This ensures all stakeholders are on the same page while eradicating data silos and reducing data breaches and unauthorized access.

The result? Improved team efficiency, strong data security, and effective campaigns that work.

5. Powerful GTM Strategies

Incorporating a rules engine into the GTM tech stack can empower teams to gain data-driven insights and optimize strategies. 

For instance, your team can track real-time customer behavior and patterns. This can help build robust strategies for improved user experiences and campaign performance. 

More than that, the strategic alignment allows your team to be responsive to market changes, ultimately empowering them to achieve GTM goals. 

6. Time, Resource, and Cost Savings

A report reveals that repetitive tasks cost firms a staggering $1.8 trillion annually. 

Deploying a rules engine in your tech stack can save you from breaking the bank. 

A rules engine with advanced automation features can automate tedious, repetitive tasks that would otherwise require labor-intensive work. This can free up your GTM team’s valuable time, resources, and campaign spend.

They can invest time in crucial operations and innovation without overspending budgets. 

7. Competitive Advantage

Rules engine helps automate and streamline GTM processes, optimize strategies, and ensure data accuracy and decision-making. 

This proactive approach can boost engagement and your team’s efficiency, fostering long-term success. 

In fact, a Gallup report reveals that engaged and efficient teams can help firms achieve 23% higher profitability than others.

Integrate Revlitix’s Rules Engine to amplify your GTM efforts.

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How Can Revlitix Help You Leverage the Rules Engine Effectively?

At the end of the day, your GTM tech stack should streamline the customer’s journey. It must help create an exemplary customer experience from lead generation to acquisition.

That’s exactly what Revlitix’s rules engine does!

This AI and ML-based platform helps optimize GTM processes and improve decision-making, thus fostering revenue and growth.

Here’s how - 

1. Easily Integrate Existing Tools with Revlitix

Relitix’s rules engine seamlessly integrates with the current infrastructure. So, you don’t need to overhaul your tech stack. 

For instance, you can integrate -

This means zero disruptions, a smoother transition, and immediate benefits for your GTM team.

2. Set Rules (Custom as per Your Requirement)

One size doesn’t fit all, and therefore Revlitix’s rules engine allows you to set custom rules tailored to your unique GTM requirements. 

For instance, it can help you define rules and take control of your KPI tracking. The tool shares prompt notifications or alerts for any changes in the metrics in real-time. 

Source - Revlitix’s Rules for KPI Tracking

This eradicates all unwelcome marketing surprises and allows your GTM team to optimize campaigns.

3. Gain Crucial Insights with Real-Time Alerts

Revlitix’s rules engine offers real-time and timely alerts based on the conditions or rules you’ve set. 

It allows your GTM team to track what’s happening, empowering them to take proactive measures.

Revlitix’s Dashboard - The Alerts Feature

4. Keep a Tab on Your Workflow with Automated Monitoring

Workflow management becomes a breeze with Revlitix’s rules engine. 

We offer automated monitoring of your GTM processes, ensuring zero errors. 

This means your team can focus on what truly matters without being overburdened with repetitive, mundane tasks. 

Besides, it offers precise reports for quick and accurate decision-making. 

Revlitix’s Custom Marketing Campaign Dashboard

Summing Up 

Adopting Revlitix’s rule engine as a core component of your GTM tech stack can prove a game-changer for your firm.

With its cutting-edge automation capabilities, encompassing automated tracking, anomaly detection, alerts, and more, this rule engine ensures the seamless operation of all GTM processes.

It empowers your team to make quick, powerful, and informed decisions. Besides, it reduces operational costs and boosts team efficiency, enabling your firm to seize new growth opportunities.

All-in-all, it’s a strategic investment that can yield significant dividends in the long term. 

So, supercharge your GTM tech stack with Revlitix’s rule engine now! 

Connect with our team for more details.

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