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Top RevOps Communities You Need To Be In

Anjali Barnwal
Anjali Barnwal
November 17, 2023
8 min read

Intrigued by RevOps community content? Thinking of jumping into one?

To help you find RevOps peers who can take your skills and knowledge to the next level, we’ve researched various RevOps communities that can contribute to your career growth. These communities offer events and mentorship programs and even allow for private discussions where members can brainstorm and troubleshoot specific projects.

Top RevOps Communities

1. RevOps Co-op


  • Overview: RevOps Co-op stands as a beacon for Revenue Operations enthusiasts. Founded by Matt Volm, it's a collaborative space where RevOps professionals share wisdom, forge connections, and drive the field's evolution. With strategic partnerships and a rich member base, RevOps Co-op is redefining community engagement in the sector.
  • Founder's Journey: Matt Volm, CEO and Co-Founder of RevOps Co-op, ventured into Revenue Operations during his tenure as VP of Business Operations at a fast-growing tech firm. Despite confronting challenges and a steep learning curve, his zeal for RevOps never waned. Recognizing a common need for collective insight, Matt conceptualized RevOps Co-op, a platform for professionals to share and learn from their combined experience.
  •  What Sets RevOps Co-op Apart?

 - Strength in Numbers: This thriving community boasts a remarkable 10k members. Not just a number, the average member has over 5 years of experience in the RevOps domain.

 - Seasoned Professionals: Engage with experts, given the majority have extensive hands-on experience in the sector.

 - On-Demand Expertise: Tap into real-time advice, strategies, and insights from the best in the field.

- Rich Content Pool: Access a diverse range of content, from insightful articles to actionable case studies.

- Learn & Grow: Dive deep into tailored webinars, workshops, and courses, all curated, keeping the RevOps professional in mind.

- Networking Opportunities: Forge new connections and collaborations through exclusive networking events.

- A Spirit of Sharing: The ethos of the community revolves around mutual growth, resonating with the principle, "We rise by lifting others."

  • Collaborative Ventures: RevOps Co-op's richness is amplified by its collaborations with market leaders such as CaliberMind, QuotaPath, Openprise, Spiff, and DealHub.
  • Globally Recognized: Esteemed names like Slack, Lyft Rideshare, Stack Overflow, Clari, and Miro are associated with and trust this platform.
  • How to Join:

         1. Visit 

          2. Choose your preferred membership option.

          3. Follow the registration and payment (if applicable) process.

          4. Receive an invitation to the Slack group.

          5. Start engaging with the RevOps community on Slack.

2. RevGenius

  • Overview: RevGenius is a thriving hub designed for sales, marketing, RevOps, and customer success enthusiasts. This online community offers a blend of knowledge sharing, networking, and resource access, all centralized around the world of revenue. With events like the RevCon Conference and a membership that includes both novices and industry veterans, RevGenius has become an indispensable platform for those aiming to excel in the revenue domain.
  • Founder's Journey: In 2020, when global dynamics shifted, Jared Robin, a sales veteran with 15 years under his belt, found himself at a crossroads. A LinkedIn post aiming to unite RevOps enthusiasts became the catalyst for RevGenius. With the overwhelming response even crashing LinkedIn, the community soon transitioned to Slack, amassing 15,000 members in just its first year.
  • What Sets RevGenius Apart?

 - Global Footprint: A massive community of 35,000+ revenue pros from diverse sectors, industries, and geographies.

- Join for Free: Get onboard their Slack community without spending a dime, and immerse yourself in rich RevOps discussions and resource sharing.

- Elevate Your Game with RevLeague: For the serious, RevGenius offers paid programs like RevLeague targeting SDRs and AEs, promising a competitive boost in prospecting prowess.

- Events Galore: RevGenius isn't just about chats. Their flagship RevCon Conference and other events promise deep insights and unparalleled networking.

- Resource Hub: Dive into their magazine or tune into their podcast, addressing everything from tailored customer journeys to the evolving role of the CRO.

   Source: RevGenius

  • How to Join: 
  1. To become a part of RevGenius, you can follow these steps:
  2. Visit the RevGenius website at 
  3. Explore the various pathways offered, such as joining the free Saas community or opting for the paid RevLeague program.
  4. Depending on your choice, you can access the community, join the Slack channel, and participate in events for free. Alternatively, if you're interested in the RevLeague program, you can follow the provided instructions for paid enrollment.
  • Prominent Members & Their Stories: 

 - Dale Zwizinski, the brain behind sales at SMARTACTION

- Marcus Chan, the face of VENLI CONSULTING GROUP

- Akarsh Kannan from FRESHWORKS

 - Julie Pine Parker, who leveraged RevGenius to transition to a senior sales role

- Paige McMahon, a fresh grad aiming for her first RevOps gig

  • Partnerships: RevGenius' journey is amplified through strategic alliances with names like Syncari, Dooly, JustCall, SalesScreen, and Clearbit.

3. Hubspot Community

Source: Hubspot Community

  • Overview: The HubSpot Community is a platform where HubSpot users, including those interested in Revenue Operations (RevOps), can come together to discuss topics related to HubSpot software and the broader field of RevOps. This community is a valuable resource for sharing knowledge, troubleshooting issues, and gaining insights into how to optimize revenue generation and operations using HubSpot.
  • Key Benefits: 
  1. Peer Support: HubSpot Community members can seek help and advice from peers who have experience with HubSpot software and RevOps practices. Whether you're facing challenges with implementing RevOps strategies or have questions about using HubSpot in your RevOps workflow, you can turn to the community for valuable insights.
  1. Knowledge Sharing: The community provides a space for members to share RevOps best practices, tips, and strategies. It's a hub for accessible and up-to-date RevOps resources, ensuring that you can stay informed and successful in your RevOps endeavors.
  1. Troubleshooting: Users can ask questions and seek solutions to any issues or challenges they encounter while using HubSpot or implementing RevOps strategies. The community is a go-to place for addressing technical problems, getting assistance with RevOps workflow issues, and more.
  1. Ideas and Feedback: Members can contribute ideas, suggest improvements, and offer feedback to help shape the future development of HubSpot software and its relevance to RevOps. Your input can influence how HubSpot aligns with the evolving landscape of RevOps strategy, making it a powerful tool for your needs.
  1. Networking: The HubSpot Community allows members to connect with like-minded professionals, fostering opportunities for collaboration and building relationships within the RevOps field. Engage with others who share your passion for RevOps, exchange ideas, and explore collaboration opportunities.
  • How to Join:

     To join the HubSpot Community, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the HubSpot Community website at
  1. Look for a "Sign Up" or "Join" option on the community's website. Typically, you'll need to create an account to participate in discussions and access community resources.
  1. Follow the registration process by providing the required information, such as your email address and username.
  1. Once you've registered, you can start exploring discussions, asking questions, and contributing to the HubSpot Community, including those related to Revenue Operations (RevOps).

PS: Don't forget to check out HubSpot's free RevOps certification to enhance your expertise in the field further.

4. Systematic Community

Source: Systematic

  • Overview: Systematic is a dedicated online space crafted to cater to the unique requirements of Business Technology and RevOps leaders. With a formidable membership of 5,400+ professionals, the community is a beacon for those seeking peer-driven insights devoid of sales pitches. At its core, Systematic is about building connections, facilitating knowledge sharing, and fostering authentic dialogues.
  • What Sets Systematic Apart?

- Tailored Experience: Unlike generic platforms, Systematic offers an environment crafted specifically for Business Technology and RevOps leaders, ensuring relevance and value in every discussion.

- Sales Pitch-Free Environment: Prioritizing genuine peer-to-peer exchanges, Systematic stands out for its commitment to a sales-pitch-free platform. Authenticity is paramount here.

- Invaluable Knowledge Repository: Members gain access to a treasure trove of discussion threads encompassing topics ranging from vendor evaluations to automation hacks. It's more than a community; it's a continuous learning hub.

- Selective Membership: Keeping the content tactical is Systematic’s top priority. Thus, every registration is meticulously reviewed to ensure that members are genuinely involved in managing systems or hold similar responsibilities.

  • How to Join:

         To join the Systematic community, complete the application form.

  • Collaborative Ventures: Community members play a proactive role in shaping the content and direction of Systematic. Monthly virtual meet-ups on diverse topics, ranging from mentorship to HRIT systems, underscore the community’s collaborative spirit. Moreover, members are encouraged to host events, share unique perspectives, and contribute to the ongoing discourse, making it a truly participative ecosystem.
  • Globally Recognized: Systematic's influence isn't confined to its online space. Its annual conference attracts members from across the globe, making it a recognized entity in the world of RevOps. Testimonials from leading professionals, including those from top-tier companies like Google, Netflix, and Slack, reinforce Systematic’s global stature and credibility. With such endorsements, it's evident that Systematic isn't just another community – it's a movement shaping the future of Business Technology and RevOps.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a central hub for the RevOps (Revenue Operations) community, offering a wealth of resources, networking opportunities, and access to thought leaders in this field. As a platform for professionals, LinkedIn serves as a dynamic community for RevOps practitioners. It facilitates group discussions, connections with influencers, and engagement with RevOps content and events. Here's an overview of how LinkedIn serves as a hub for RevOps-related activities:

  1. LinkedIn as a RevOps Community:
  • RevOps Groups: LinkedIn hosts various RevOps-related groups where professionals can join discussions, share insights, and network with others in the field. Some of these groups are"RevOps," "Sales/ Revenue/ GTM Operations," and "Women in Revenue Operations (RevOps)," among others. These groups serve as virtual communities for RevOps practitioners.
  • RevOps Influencers: Many influential professionals and thought leaders in the Revenue Operations space maintain active LinkedIn profiles. By following these influencers, you can stay updated on the latest trends, best practices, and thought-provoking insights in the RevOps field. Some notable RevOps influencers to follow might include leaders like Steven Newman, Asia Corbett, Chris Walker, Eddie Reynolds, and many others.
  1. RevOps Events:
  • Webinars and Virtual Events: Many organizations and thought leaders in the RevOps space host webinars and virtual events. They often promote these events on LinkedIn, making it a great platform for discovering and registering for RevOps-related events.
  • LinkedIn Live: Some RevOps professionals and organizations use LinkedIn Live to host live video sessions, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions. These live events provide an interactive way to learn and engage with the RevOps community.
  1. Staying Informed:
  • Content and Articles: Professionals and organizations frequently share articles, whitepapers, and reports related to Revenue Operations on LinkedIn. You can follow relevant hashtags like #RevOps or #RevenueOperations to discover the latest content.
  • Job Opportunities: Many RevOps job postings and career opportunities are shared on LinkedIn. If you're looking for a career in RevOps or seeking talent for your organization, LinkedIn is a prime platform for job-related activities.

Tips for Engaging in RevOps Communities

To get the most out of RevOps communities, proactive and meaningful engagement is key. Here's a comprehensive guide to deepening your involvement:

  • Deep Dive Discussions: Instead of just skimming the surface, initiate or participate in in-depth discussions. Go beyond the "what" and explore the "why" and "how" of topics.
  • Host AMAs (Ask Me Anything): If you have a unique experience or knowledge area, host an AMA session. This provides value and can spark insightful conversations.
  • Set Up Study Groups: If there's a new tool or methodology trending in RevOps, form a study group within the community. Collaborative learning is often more effective.
  • Challenge Yourself with Case Studies: Post-real-world challenges (without confidential details) you've faced and ask for solutions. Alternatively, brainstorm solutions for challenges posted by others.
  • Document Your Learning Journey: Start a thread or blog where you document your learnings. This could be about a new tool you're mastering or a project you're undertaking.
  • Collaborate on Community Initiatives: Propose and lead community-driven initiatives, such as surveys, research, or even community outreach programs to educational institutions.
  • Share Lesser-Known Tools and Hacks: Everyone shares popular tools. Stand out by introducing the community to niche or newly released tools, and share unique hacks you've discovered.
  • Set Up Peer Reviews: Before implementing a strategy or using a tool, seek peer reviews. Fresh perspectives can highlight overlooked aspects.
  • Introduce Guest Experts: If you have connections with industry experts, facilitate guest sessions. It’s a great way for the community to get diverse insights.

In today's business world, RevOps is like a bright idea that's making a big difference. Being in a RevOps group isn't just about staying informed – it's about working together, getting better at your job, and staying ahead in your industry. As you deal with the challenges of revenue operations, think of these groups as your guide. Learn from others, share your own ideas, and let's all work together to make RevOps even better.

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