Senior Frontend Engineer

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Job Description

Revlitix is a revenue marketing platform that is solving marketing revenue surprises. We are building a revenueOS that detects anomalies in marketing campaign performance. Revlitix aims to be the one-stop solution for every marketer’s need - detecting performance anomalies before it's too late, collaborating with your team, building out-of-the-box dashboards, and using custom playbooks to reduce time to action.

We are looking for a Senior Backend Engineer to join our growing team. As a Senior Backend Engineer and a part of the founding team, you will play a critical role in bringing the product vision to reality. You will be working in a hands-on role with the engineering team contributing to various product initiatives and creating prototypes for integration into the core product.


  • This individual should be able to demonstrate craftsmanship by efficiently producing elegant, clean code and maintaining software documentation.
  • The code should be well-commented, easy to maintain, and could be reused across a sub-system or feature. It should be thoroughly tested and supported by unit tests.
  • The individual should be an active participant in the product design and code reviews for self and the team and can competently review any aspect of their product or major sub-system.
  • The individual should be skilled in integrating data from various back-end services.
  • Take responsibility for maintaining, expanding, and scaling the product.
  • Cooperate with web designers to match visual design intent
  • Strong organizational skills to work with a team and juggle multiple tasks within the constraints of the timeline.
  • Must be detail-oriented and able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously with the ability to prioritize appropriately 
  • Stay plugged into emerging technologies/industry trends and apply them to operations and activities


  • 3-6  years of proven experience in web programming and a minimum of 3 years in React production development. Must have worked in the latest 2 versions of React for 6 months each.
  • Top-notch programming skills and in-depth knowledge of modern HTML/CSS/Material Design /Bootstrap
  • Excellent   in  the   following   programming   languages:  React,   TypeScript,  ES8+, Javascript
  • Excellent in the responsive/white label design.
  • Knowledge of i18 and l10n
  • A  solid understanding of authentication,  authorization,  role/privilege, session management, and token-based authentication in a web application.
  • Excellent in Rest API communication
  • Good in asynchronous communication. 

Hiring Process

We follow a 3 step hiring process:

  1. Share an online technical assessment to evaluate your skill set. This test can be completed in a maximum time of 2 hours.
  2. Conduct a face-to-face technical interview.
  3. Meet the leadership team

Why Join Us?

We spare no effort to ensure that Revlitix empowers you to do the most important and impactful work of your career —

  • Opportunity to work closely with the founding team who built and scaled enterprise SaaS applications.
  • We care deeply about your development. So we work hard to provide you with:
  • Exposure to other verticals such as customer experience, product, engineering, etc.
  • Attractive compensation so you can focus on doing your best work and never worry about money.
  • Kick-ass benefits include comprehensive health insurance for you and your family, extraordinary coffee, and a beautiful office that you’d never want to leave.
  • We make sure you learn from the best. We interview and hire purely on merit, skill, and competence—everything else is irrelevant.

Join us if you want to be part of a journey that will change how data drives marketing decisions. No growth hacks, no guesses, no bullshit. Just an audacious mission and an obsession with craftsmanship in code.