Connect your KPIs like never before

Seamlessly integrate MarTech platforms, Eliminate manual spreadsheet updates, Set goals, and Track your marketing funnel.

Increase your efficiency, not budget.

Revlitix Reports - Forecasts

Forecast and stay ahead of your game

Pre-built conditions set up for ease of use

Track the KPIs by importance

Receive alerts based on the trend

Eliminate manual spreadsheet work

Set Goals and Track your Funnel Progress

Get period performance trends

Fully Automated Setup

Revlitix Reports - Funnel Breakdown

Collaborate, not Coordinate

Assign Tasks and leave no insight unturned

Get reports to email or slack directly, everyday.

Remove silos for better collaboration

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring data from multiple platfoms?
Can I build campaign level reporting?
Is there a limitation on number of users?
Is my data secured?