Google Ads

Phone Calls

1.What are the Phone Calls in Google Ads? 

Call advertising is intended to encourage customers to call your company and can only display on devices that can make phone calls. When a potential consumer clicks on your ad, it calls you from their device

2.Why are Phone Calls in Google Ads important?

Phone Calls in Google Ads are important because they're a way for you to talk with your customers and make them feel valued. You can ask them questions like, "What brought you to my site?" or "Do you have any feedback?"

3.List some examples of Phone Calls KPI in Google Ads?

- Calls from AdWords campaigns

- Calls from Google Assistant Campaigns

- Calls from Google Maps Campaigns

4.What impacts Phone Calls in Google Ads?

-Ad placement - Ads that appear at the top of search results or on Google Maps listings tend to receive more calls.

-Ad messaging - Ads with clear calls-to-action and relevant information generate more calls.

-Targeting - Targeting users in specific geographic areas or at certain times of day can help you reach people who are more likely to call.

-Bid strategy - Bidding more for top ad placement or using automated bidding strategies can increase phone call volume.

-Landing page experience - A well-designed and user-friendly landing page with clear calls-to-action can encourage more phone calls.

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