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Pages Per Session

1.What are the Pages per Session in the google search console? 

Pages Per Session measures the average number of pages a user views during a single session on a website. A session is a period of time that a user is active on a website, and it ends when the user leaves the website or is inactive for a certain amount of time.

2.Why assigning Pages per Session in the google search console important?

Assigning Pages per Session in Google Search Console is important because it provides valuable insights into user behavior on a website. By tracking this metric, website owners can understand how engaged their users are and how well their content is performing. Pages per Session can also help identify areas of a website that need improvement or optimization, such as navigation, content relevance, or user experience.

3.List some examples of Pages per Session related KPI's in the google search console.

Some examples of Pages per Session KPIs in Google Search Console include:

  1. Identifying which pages on a website are most frequently visited during a session.
  2. Analyzing how users navigate a website and which pages are most commonly visited in succession.
  3. Determining how effective a website's internal linking structure is in encouraging users to visit multiple pages.

4.What impacts Pages per Session in the google search console?

Several factors can impact Pages per Session in Google Search Console, including website design and structure, the quality and relevance of content, the user experience, and the level of engagement provided by the website.

For example, if a website has a clear and intuitive navigation structure, it may encourage users to explore more pages during a single session. On the other hand, if a website has poor quality or irrelevant content, users may quickly leave and visit fewer pages during a session.

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