Microsoft Ads

Ad Position

1.What is the Ad position in Microsoft ads? 

Ad position in Microsoft ads refers to the placement of an ad on a search engine results page (SERP) or a partner website. In general, a higher ad position indicates that an ad is more visible and has a higher chance of being clicked on by a user.

2.Why assigning an Ad position in Microsoft ads important?

Assigning an ad position in Microsoft ads is important because it determines the visibility and reach of an ad. An ad with a higher position is more likely to be seen by a user and clicked on, leading to higher traffic and potentially more conversions. Additionally, assigning an ad position allows advertisers to optimize their ad strategy by identifying which positions perform the best for their particular campaign goals.

3.List some examples of Ad position KPI's in Microsoft ads.

Some examples of ad position KPIs in Microsoft ads include

  • Average ad position: The average position of an ad across all impressions.
  • Top of page rate: The percentage of impressions where an ad appeared at the top of the search results page.
  • Absolute top-of-page rate: The percentage of impressions where an ad appeared as the very first result on the search results page.
  • Impression share: The percentage of available impressions that an ad received in a given time period.

4.What impacts Ad position in Microsoft ads?

Several factors can impact the ad position in Microsoft ads, including:

  • Bid amount: Advertisers can bid on specific keywords and ad placements, and higher bids can increase the likelihood of a higher ad position.
  • Ad relevance: Ads that are more relevant to a user's search query or interests may receive a higher ad position.
  • Ad quality: Ads that have high-quality content and meet Microsoft's ad policies may receive a higher ad position.
  • Ad extensions: Including ad extensions like site links or call extensions can increase the overall quality and relevance of an ad, potentially leading to a higher ad position.
  • Ad scheduling: Running ads during specific times of day or days of the week may impact the ad position, as certain times may have higher competition for ad space.

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