First Response Time (FRT)

1.What is the First Response Time (FRT) in Salesforce?

First Response Time (FRT) is a metric that measures the time between when a customer submits a request and when the customer support team responds for the first time. It is an important KPI to track because customers expect timely and efficient support.

2.Why is First Response Time (FRT) in Salesforce important?

First Response Time is important because customers expect quick and efficient support. Long response times can lead to customer dissatisfaction and decreased loyalty. By monitoring FRT, companies can identify areas where they can improve their support processes to provide better service to their customers.

3.List some types of First Response Time (FRT) KPI's in Salesforce.

Average First Response Time: the average time it takes for the support team to respond to a customer request.

Maximum First Response Time: the longest amount of time it took for the support team to respond to a customer request.

First Response Time by Channel: the average time it takes to respond to customer requests by different channels, such as phone, email, or chat.

4.What impacts First Response Time (FRT) in Salesforce?

Several factors can impact FRT in Salesforce, including the size of the support team, the volume of customer requests, the complexity of customer inquiries, and the tools and processes used by the support team. A lack of resources, inefficient workflows, and poor communication between team members can also contribute to long FRT. By addressing these factors, companies can improve their FRT and provide better customer support.

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