Automate Analytics for GTM Teams

27 Minute Setup. No Coding Required.

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What can Revlitix do for you?
Revlitix's Smart Alerts | Revlitix detected a CTR anomaly in a campaign and alerted the user before it was too late to act.
Your Virtual Analyst without the cost
  • With all performance data in one location, Revlitix analyzes thousands of KPIs across every marketing channel and millions of data combinations every day and then surface the key insights that impact revenue.
  • No need to hire a team of analysts. No more missing the cause of leaky pipelines or the next big optimization opportunities. Revlitix automates the countless hours of ad hoc analysis that every marketing performs from the CMO to every department and channel.
Packed with built-in Next Best Actions
  • While there may be hundreds, or even thousands, of metrics that need to be monitored every day for anomalies, there are 5X more “next best actions” tied to each metric. Most marketers do not know exactly what to do so they have to research it, or they give up.
  • Revlitix offers recommendations to make it easy for the user to learn and collaborate, which not only saves countless hours of wasted time but helps develop every user to become a subject matter expert in their channel.
  • Revlitix can even execute recommendations for you with one-click optimizations so you always stay ahead of your game.
Revlitix Smart Playbooks | Revlitix user creates unique recommendations and builds playbooks in no time for everyone on the team.
Revlitix Smart Tasks | All Revlitix users have full context on why the task was created along with the task and alert details.
Don't let any task fall through the crack
  • Revlitix is the only platform that connects data to task management automatically. Adoption of task management tools is extremely low because every task is manually created often by different people in the organization.

  • Similar to successful sales teams, marketing teams need the capability to monitor and coach each team member yet there is no “Gong for marketing” or “Outreach for marketers”...until now.
  • Bring your entire team to Revlitix to increase visibility and measure the effectiveness of their work.
BI tools are overrated. Time to switch.
  • Marketing Performance Data is everywhere, located across dozens of systems. It is hard to assemble all that data and gain insights into the business. Revlitix eliminates the hours spent searching through various reports and the cost of building dashboards that no one uses.
  • Revlitix is not your BI tool or your ABM tool. Revlitix sits atop your entire Marketing Tech Stack monitoring performance and surfacing insights to the right person on the team with surprisingly very-little effort.
  • Revlitix also users to build custom, multi-channel dashboards within a few clicks.
Revlitix Smart Insights | Revlitix users have one true source of data to brainstorm and take decisions in the weekly stand-ups.