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Why Clicks Matter: A Guide to Understanding Clicks KPI in Google Ads.

November 2, 2022
8 min read

Clicks are one of the most important KPIs in Google Ads because it tells you how many people clicked on your ad and visited your landing page, ultimately becoming a lead or customer. The more clicks you get, the more opportunities you have to convert those leads and customers into sales that bring in revenue that helps grow your business. While clicks are essential, there’s more to the story of how well you’re doing in Google Ads than just how many clicks you get every month; it’s how much revenue those clicks translate.

If you’re an advertiser on Google, it’s easy to get lost in the multitude of metrics you can track and obsess over, so it’s essential to know precisely how clicks work and why they’re important. This guide will help you answer those questions and more. After reading this post, you’ll have a firm grasp on clicks and why they matter!

Why Should We Track This KPI?

Tracking clicks is essential because it lets you see how often people click on your ad. Experts can use tracking information to help you optimize your ad campaigns and improve your overall performance. Additionally, clicks can be a good indicator of customer interest and help you gauge whether or not your ads are effective.  

For example, if you're selling shoes online and notice that most of the clicks coming from your ads are for sneakers, customers might not find the other types of shoes you sell interesting. You could use this data to change your strategy by directing more traffic towards products that aren't getting as many clicks (or spending less money on those products). 

There are two ways you can track clicks with Google Ads - manually or automatically. If you want to follow them manually, all you have to do is hover over Impressions under Tools, then click Clicks. 

You'll see the number of clicks per day (and week). If you want to use automatic tracking, follow these steps: 

  • First, go into Settings, then go down and select Clicks. 

You'll need at least one conversion event before the automatic search works for Clicks KPI. Once you have enough conversions, you'll be able to see daily, weekly, and monthly trends for clicks on your ad(s) based on conversion type. 

How To Track Clicks? 

If you want to track clicks as a KPI in Google Ads, there are a few things you need to do: 

  • First, make sure that you're following the right metric. 
  • Second, track your progress over time. 
  • Third, understand what your target number should be. 

Understanding how many people have clicked on your ads is essential so that you can know whether or not you're meeting expectations and know where to improve. 

So if you want more clicks on your ads, here's what to do. First, make sure that you're measuring the right metric. You might have been tracking impressions instead of clicks because this seems like a logical thing to count for click-based advertising. But impression-based metrics don't accurately measure performance because it doesn't tell you how many potential customers were reached with each ad impression. So instead, focus on clicks as a metric for your performance. Also, find your budget goals to get maximum profit from your marketing efforts.

Second, track your progress over time. To see any improvement from one month to another, you'll need at least three months' worth of data collected for comparison purposes. It will take some trial and error before you find the ideal conversion rate for your business, but if you track everything closely, you'll be able to see when improvements start to happen.

And Lastly, understand what your target number should be. Once again, we recommend basing your click goal on conversion rates. 

For example, let's say that every $1 spent brings in 20 conversions which would mean 200 total conversions per month (20 x 12). Now divide that by 30 days and multiply by 100% (because the percent sign always needs two digits). You'll get an estimated 60000 clicks per month which are 66% higher than the average 6030/month seen on average by businesses using google ads.

5 Ways To Get More Clicks

We have listed the top 5 ways to improve Clicks KPI in google ads. These include

1. Ensure your ad is relevant to your target audience and keywords.

2. Use negative keywords to filter out unqualified clicks.

3. Write persuasive ad copy that entices users to click.

4. Create a solid and compelling call to action.

5. Use ad extensions to engage users further and encourage them to click on your website or landing page.

Tip: Remember that it’s essential not just to get clicks but high-quality clicks. A click is considered high quality if it comes from an impression served on a website or mobile app where users are likely to take action, such as visiting your website, searching for additional information about your company, or making a purchase. To keep tabs on how many of your impressions deliver these valuable clicks, look at metrics like visit-to-click ratio and conversion rate.


Through clicks, in google ads, we understand that Users can use the number of times a user clicks on an ad as a metric for effectiveness. For advertisers, there are some good and bad reasons why someone would click on your ad. The most obvious answer is that they were looking for the product or service you offered and liked what they saw enough to click on it. 

Another possibility is that they didn’t find what they were looking for, but because you showed up at the top of their search results, they clicked your ad instead. And finally, users might have clicked on your ad by mistake or not even seen it. However, regardless of why someone clicks on your ad if you have a low CTR, something is wrong with your campaign and should be reviewed immediately.