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How Revenue Operations Audit Can Foster GTM Success

Anjali Barnwal
Anjali Barnwal
December 1, 2023
8 min read

Are you encountering any of these challenges?

Scenario #1: Utter data chaos 

Your firm’s data is scattered across multiple systems. Your teams work in silos, lacking a unified view of the operations.

Scenario #2: Lead-to-conversion gap

Your team witnesses a gap between marketing-generated leads and actual conversions, leading to missed revenue opportunities. 

Scenario #3: Misaligned marketing channels 

It’s difficult for your team to align and optimize paid and other marketing channels, leading to ineffective demand-generation campaigns.

If yes, a revenue operations audit can be your savior. It can optimize your GTM efforts by: 

  • Centralizing data management and breaking down data silos

Outcome: This enables seamless collaboration and data sharing across teams.

  • Identifying inefficiencies and streamlining the lead-to-conversion process 

Outcome: This can boost revenue while aligning your teams.

  • Tracking and optimizing marketing channels

Outcome: This allows GTM teams to refine their strategies for effective demand-generation campaigns. 

In short, a revenue operations audit can empower your GTM efforts, ensuring long-term revenue growth.

In this post, we will discuss the concept of revenue operations audit, its goals, key components, and how it can help foster GTM success. 

Let’s get started!

Understanding the Revenue Operations Audit

A revenue operations audit is a thorough evaluation of work processes, data, tech stack, and strategies related to marketing, sales, and customer support in an organization. 

It helps firms identify bottlenecks and improve alignment between sales, marketing, and customer support departments to achieve a seamless revenue generation workflow.

The primary goal of a RevOps audit is to enhance operational efficiency and revenue generation while setting benchmarks for industry standards.

Besides, it ensures the correct integration and monitoring of the tech stack, including CRM and sales and marketing tools. The purpose is to enable optimal data flow within various departments of a firm. 

Top Questions RevOps Audit Can Answer

Team Discussing Business Profitability

Here are the top questions that the revenue operations audit can address.

#1: What’s Happening?

A revenue operations audit can analyze your current marketing, sales, and customer success performance. 

Here’s how -

  • Data Analysis: It leverages data and offers valuable insights, such as customer needs and behavior, market trends, and performance of marketing and sales campaigns. 

According to recent research by McKinsey, these insights are crucial to strengthening GTM efforts.

  • Gap Analysis: The revenue operations audit calculates and pinpoints the revenue generated in real-time compared to the potential revenue outcome. 

It identifies revenue leaks and analyzes crucial areas that need improvement.

#2: What Should Be Happening?

A revenue operations audit can help you define SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) goals resonating with industry standards. 

Next, it compares your revenue generation efforts and the firm’s overall performance with industry standards and best practices.

The evaluation and business outcome provide a reference point for optimizing GTM processes. Leveraging this data can help you determine areas of improvement.

#3: Are Systems Integrated Correctly?

The right tools are pivotal to achieving a streamlined work process and eradicating silos across departments. On the other hand, inefficient systems can disrupt overall work processes and create a big dent in your revenue generation efforts.

A revenue operations audit analyzes and assesses the performance of your tech stack to determine if the tool integration is appropriate. 

Next, the audit can help you optimize data flow across departments to ensure error-free and accurate work processes. 

Bid adieu to manual audits and process checks!  

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The Positive Outcomes of a Revenue Operations Audit

Let’s explore the positive outcomes of a revenue operations audit. 

1. Improved Revenue Generation: The GTM team can leverage the RevOps audit report to fix bottlenecks in the pipeline, refine leads and account prioritization strategies, and gauge where to put marketing dollars. This, in turn, can lead to improved revenue generation. 

Here’s an example depicting how the revenue audit report can help the GTM teams.

  • Sales: The revenue audit report can help streamline sales by improving process efficiency and setting data hygiene. It enables the sales team to access clean data on a unified platform, ensuring its accuracy for decision-making. Besides, it helps them optimize processes by syncing tools for improved sales performance. 
  • Marketing: The audit report provides a 360-degree view of marketing channel performance. This allows the marketing team to analyze and identify top-performing campaigns across multiple channels to know what strategies are working well. This allows the team to spend their marketing budget strategically. 

Moreover, the audit report ensures data standardization, which removes inconsistency and error from marketing-related data. All these aspects can help enhance process efficiency and lead generation.

  • Customer Support: RevOps audit can help customer support teams identify pipeline bottlenecks, enhance tool efficiency, and analyze their process effectiveness. It can help them ensure seamless tool integration for improved work efficiency. This way, streamlined operations can enhance revenue in the long term. 

2. Enhanced Cross-Functional Collaboration: Reports state that cross-functional teams enhance a firm’s ability to respond to market changes. This leads to low operating costs and high revenue generation.

RevOps audit reports can eradicate silos and allow team members from various departments, including marketing and sales, to be on the same page. 

This not only improves collaboration but also streamlines operations. The teams can make decisions based on accurate RevOps audit data to accelerate revenue generation efforts. 

Let’s understand this with a real-time example. 

Say - a RevOps audit report highlights that the marketing generates quality leads, but the conversion rate is low.  

Here, marketing and sales teams can collaborate and analyze the audit data to understand the gaps. This can help the teams create data-driven strategies that ensure high conversions.

3. Data Accuracy and Valuable Insights: The more the data accuracy, the better the decision-making. 

In fact, a recent report revealed that 95% of B2B marketers witnessed improvement in demand generation efforts by leveraging data. 

Revenue operations auditing ensures the accuracy and reliability of data. This allows teams to gauge market trends and customer expectations. They can use the data to tweak GTM strategies to drive revenue growth.

Here’s a real-life example depicting how RevOps audit insights help GTM teams.

A RevOps audit report of a SaaS firm identifies that inaccurate customer data is the reason for their failed marketing campaigns. 

Deploying the right data analytics tools helps them enhance data accuracy. The team notices that 50% of customers from the Asia region are interested in a specific feature that they aren’t promoting proactively.

This helps them build targeted email campaigns in Asia, highlighting the particular feature of their SaaS product gaining the most traction. This tactic enables them to drive 30% more conversions. 

4. Maximized Operational Efficiency: RevOps turbocharges operational efficiency across the firm by aligning and empowering sales, marketing, and customer support teams. 

With accurate data, they can craft campaigns that bring positive outcomes within no time. 

Here’s an example.

Say - a RevOps audit report pinpoints that the communication gap between sales and customer success teams negatively impacts customer support’s performance, leading to high customer retention. 

Here, the firm implements a shared CRM software where both teams can collaborate and assess the required data.

This streamlined process enhances the customer support process, enabling them to resolve customer challenges 40% faster and reducing the churn rate.

Critical Components of the RevOps Audit 

Here are the crucial components of a RevOps audit.

1. Assessment of Marketing’s Contribution to the Sales Pipeline 

Why Is It Crucial: This can help analyze marketing strategies and offer insights into their impact on revenue generation. With this evaluation, the marketing team can make data-driven decisions, enhancing the effectiveness of GTM campaigns. 

The assessment should evaluate -

  • Current marketing strategies, lead generation techniques, campaign performance, and its impact on revenue growth
  • Lead quality, including marketing-qualified (MQLs) and sales-qualified leads (SQLs)
2. Evaluation of Paid Advertising and Digital Marketing Channels

Why Is It Crucial: This can help teams monitor and calculate the ROI of distinct paid and digital marketing channels. They can leverage the data for effective marketing spend, resource allocation, and revenue generation.

The assessment should evaluate -

  • Return on investment (ROI) from paid advertising campaigns
  • Digital marketing channel performance, including paid ad content and ad spend
3. Marketing Automation Activity and Performance Analysis

Why Is It Crucial: This enables firms to optimize their tech stack and campaigns and achieve high conversion rates and improved revenue generation.

The assessment should evaluate -

  • Marketing automation technology stack, which includes several tools and platforms
  • Email marketing campaign performance and metrics, such as open rates, click rates, and conversions
4. Sales Process Documentation 

Why Is It Crucial: This can help create a roadmap depicting how leads progress through the sales funnel. With the sales process documentation, teams can ensure data accuracy and streamline lead-to-conversion processes to drive revenue growth.

The assessment should evaluate -

  • Various stages within the sales funnel and the criteria for lead progression
  • Data accuracy within the sales process and the tech stack used for ensuring data quality
  • Lead generation to the conversion process and the roles of sales reps

Plan of Action

GTM team members must summarize these findings to create an actionable plan to optimize revenue operations. 

They should implement changes to the marketing, sales, and customer success processes by incorporating the inputs from the audit report. 

That’s not all. 

GTM teams must continuously monitor the impact of the strategies on revenue growth. This can help them adapt to market changes and foster revenue growth in the long term. 

Conduct 100% accurate RevOps audit to ensure revenue growth.  

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The Central Role of Revlitix in Your Revenue Operations Audit

Conducting a revenue operations audit comes with several challenges, including:

  • Internal Team’s Biases: GTM teams must have a constructively self-critical attitude toward their work. This can help them analyze areas of improvement and deliver peak performance. 

However, the reality is often the opposite, where teams are reluctant to admit their professional shortcomings. This leads to internal team biases, negatively impacting the audit.

  • Limited Perspective: Hectic work schedules can lead to work-related stress and create a work environment where GTM teams don’t get time to learn new things. This can result in overlooking valuable revenue opportunities.
  • Resistance to Change: The fear of leaving the comfort zone and sticking to an established workflow can negatively impact the team’s performance, hindering the audit’s effectiveness. 

The Solution?

The state-of-the-art AI and ML-powered platform - Revlitix is a robust solution to address these challenges.

Revlitix offers advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities that can help GTM teams stick to a data-driven and unbiased approach to the revenue operations auditing process. 

Revlitix’s Reports entirely eliminate manual spreadsheet work and enable the team to set goals and track funnel progress via a centralized data analytics platform. 

The centralized data analytics platform ensures data hygiene by automating the processing of vast amounts of data while ensuring its accuracy. This can boost the effectiveness of revenue operations.

Revlitix’s Reports
Revlitix’s Reports

All stakeholders can view and analyze detailed insights on a unified platform. This can help align teams and ensure a thorough evaluation of revenue operations. 

Furthermore, teams can leverage Revlitix’s Playbooks to make every marketing dollar count. The Playbooks feature enables them to run a revenue audit within minutes. It helps the team catch and resolve errors promptly, thus saving their time and effort. Experts agree that Revlitix’s Playbooks reduce time wasted on repetitive tasks by 70%.

Revlitix’s Playbooks.
Revlitix’s Playbooks.

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Gartner predicts that 75% of high-growth SaaS companies will deploy RevOps for end-to-end revenue growth by 2025. 

However, deploying revenue operations is just the first step to reaching GTM goals. The next most important step is to conduct a revenue operations audit.

It aligns and empowers GTM teams to understand, analyze, and optimize GTM work processes. Teams can know what areas need to be improved and then implement strategies to reach the GTM goals.

Moreover, deploying Revlitix, which offers robust features like centralized data analytics and Playbooks, can accelerate the evaluation process, ensuring 100% accuracy.  

So, supercharge your GTM strategies with Revlitix today!

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